My Story

Welcome to my home away from home, my nirvana, and my oasis. This place will forever hold my biggest passion in life:


Herpetology: The unique field of study which encompasses the worlds most evolved, and possibly the most loved creatures kept within modern-day homes to this date!


Reptiles & Amphibians!!!

Yes, I have an unhealthy, possibly slightly insane LOVE for all things non-human and especially scaly and moist (yes, I went there). How can anybody resist their clumsiness, their cleverness and their unmeasurable level of cuteness?


Only people who are much more insane than I am! So, be glad you’re here and not there, ey?

Now, let me get to it.


My main missions here are to:

  • Help – I will answer all questions to the best of my ability, if I genuinely do not know, I will persist to find out the answer and produce a post specifically for your amazing question! I love to learn all the time, even though it may not seem like it there is much for me to learn, there really is. And I will never know it all. However, most of the questions asked within the hobby can be repetitive and just a plain pain in the butt. I’m here to answer ALL those questions that even boggled the best of us (and maybe still do!).

  • Advise – I thoroughly enjoy providing a variety of advice on all aspects of reptile keeping, I always work with every animal’s health & welfare at the forefront of what I do. This, unfortunately means that you may, or may not like the advice provided so please be open-minded on all aspects of your care-giving BEFORE asking anybody for advice. I’m not going to tell you what you WANT to hear, but what you need to hear.

  • Educate – The world of reptiles and amphibians is a fogged and dark place, I’m here to shed a beaming light, to allow you to see more than you ever thought possible. You will begin to change the way you look after your babies, and for the better! Just imagine the look on your friends face when you can tell them a fact even they didn’t know, and explain why!

  • Inspire – Along with education, inspiration is my main priority. I want to show you what you can achieve and how to achieve it, and how you can make changes safely within your enclosure, to provide a more stimulating environment for your animal to thrive in.


Some of my posts may be long-winded as packing a book into a 5-minute post, is damn near impossible. I will attempt to make them as easy to read as possible, but if you do have any issues, please get in contact with me so I can help you.

All posts which contain essential reptile keeper information will be available for you to download to your PC, laptop, tablet or phone for on-the-go reading in PDF format. If you do require a copy of a file which isn’t posted, please contact me directly and I can e-mail the file to you.


Although I lack general people-skills, I find speaking to my clients and readers highly fascinating, watching their feeds, seeing what makes them tick, getting into their oversized human brain and digging deep ::figuratively speaking of course!:: for any scrap of uncertainty or doubt to replace it with; tranquillity, harmony, but most importantly, understanding. I love the excitement conveyed through comments or e-mail where the client has just had a ‘eureka!’ moment in a subject they couldn’t get their head around before.


I’d much rather be cuddling this bumpy old man…

Of course, my life is not without pitfalls, digging myself a grave or making terrible mistakes, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without a tough start in life. Therefore I want to ensure the safety and longevity of as many animals within captivity as is humanely possible, I see more issues throughout the reptile industry than any other commonly kept pets, and this is causing a butterfly effect of dodgy backroom breeders, clueless ‘reptile shops’ and countless ‘experts’ online, who change their opinions every 5 to 10 minutes depending on the majority vote.


Don’t get me wrong, what reasons do you have to trust me? How am I qualified and those people aren’t?


Unfortunately, I cannot answer these questions for you, you must answer them yourself, all in due time my friend.


For now, I will briefly go over the subjects I hope to cover in the future of this site:

  • Basic + Advanced Husbandry Guides

  • Bioactive Systems

  • Essential Biology

  • Breeding

  • Handling

  • Feeding

  • Cleaning


There are some more, and many different types of posts, so don’t forget to join our mailing list before you go, so we can keep you updated on new posts + services we offer, we will also provide you with handy downloads and first access to our exclusive content!


We hate spam as much as you do, so all of our contact with you will always be relevant and helpful.

Don’t forget to check out our reptile products, we ship worldwide and I adore making and selling products in my spare time for people and their reptiles to enjoy everywhere.

Watch this space, comment your post ideas, queries or essential information you would like to see in the near future, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Herping!


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