Our [small] Collection

Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the beautiful pets I keep. I thought it would be nice to give you all a lowdown of the gang and all of their quirks.

I couldn’t pick an overall favourite, they all have their own unique personalities and never cease to amaze me on a daily basis. I cannot tell you how much I love the summer! It’s a perfect time to spend some time with them outside, unnatural lighting does absolutely nothing when a camera comes into the equation. For that reason, most of the images are from the past summer, I’ll also show you some of their enclosures and their favourite hideouts.

I have worked on incorporating bioactive into each of my enclosures, beginning with the two snakes, Psycho and Flora, the lizards are going to be a much more strenuous task and I hope to update you and provide a step-by-step when we do go through with our conversion.

Flora the Royal

Never in my life have I met such an unorthodox creature, totally going against ALL people have said about them to this day. She LOVES scoffing down any meal offered to her, be it rat, mouse or bird, each and every meal is eaten with ferocity and vanishes within 10 minutes, sometimes less. Given a larger enclosure than most captive Royals, she is very inquisitive and one of her favourite pastimes is exploring her domain with a glint in her eyes and climbing as high as she physically can [usually pulling down her low-level UV in the process]. She has shed perfectly from day one, thanks to our use of a substrate mix and misting occasionally. The only orthodox thing about her is the stank from her massive turds!

Psycho the Carpet Python

Psycho is an 88% Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python, a lot more orthodox to her heritage than Flora, she adores climbing and hanging around, much like most Morelia species. She too has the appetite of a cow, but it hasn’t always been that way, when I first purchased her she refuse anything, she would rather run and hide from her food than eat it. This went on for a good 2-3 months until finally she took her first meal from us, safe to say, she hasn’t stopped eating since, regularly taking meals like the beast that she is. She has a large domain, consisting of 18 square feet to roam around in, this proved tricky, yet satisfying once completed and has provided her a home for the next year or so. Eventually I expect her to reach a length of around 8-10 feet, based on her genetics, as a slim species though, she still won’t require a HUGE enclosure.

Diego & Sierra the Berber Skinks

These are a funny pair of lizards, either found basking on a stone or log, or never to be seen, hidden away under the sand. Although we love them being themselves, this does prove rather difficult when you actually want to find them. The male, Diego is as greedy as can be, always getting first pick of the live food, especially the locusts, they are is favourite. Sierra is a more laid back sort, leaving him to do his thing then making an entrance to devour the leftovers [if there are any]. They get on like a married couple, generally miles away from each other and occasionally snuggled up together in a hide.


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