Handmade Reptile Bowls & Hides

In my time with reptiles, which of course involves looking into the products available, I couldn’t believe the amount manufactures are charging for mundane, one in a billion products!

I believe that when you purchase a product for your reptile, it should be made with love, care, and attention, not just a number in the production line.

Almost all of the products available online are mass-produced and poorly at that. Like most mass-produced products, they are essentially made to be broken, we do things very differently with our own products.

We don’t use moulds, large machinery or production lines, just good old-fashioned elbow grease!

Each of our bowls & hides are made, not only for their aesthetic appeal and uniqueness, but mainly for the benefits to your reptile, the rough surface of sandstone is perfect for a reptile in shed and the hides will also encourage burrowing within a naturalistic enclosure and provide a sure escape from light if needed. These traits are what makes reptiles so unique.


Small. Roughly 9x7x2″ £30 including postage
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